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almost 4 years ago

SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon - Last Infos - Predrinker time & location.

Hey hey! 

In 2 days you are very welcome to battle for the crypto prizes in the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon. The three focus chains Steem, DECENT and Bitshares will give a developer intro and encourage you to make an app for their platform in other to compete for their cryptoprize money. Be smart and try to combine chains to bet on multiple horses!

1. PreDrinks - Tuesday 31st of October - [20:30 - 22:30]

But before that, let's come together tomorrow evening Tuesday 31st of October for a drink at Casa Independente at Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45.

Don't drink too much tho, as the 24 hour hackday starts early on 1 November at 9 AM for a coffee in Cowork Lisboa.

2. The 24 Hour Blockchain Hackathon - 1 November - Cowork Lisboa (Silver Room) @ LX Factory. 

How to get there? 

Grab a bike, taxi, tram to LX Factory at R. Rodrigues de Faria 103. Once you arrive you should walk through mainstreet with the cobblestones along the big main building on your right. Once you see on your left the restaurant Burger Factory, you can enter the building ON THE RIGHT either with the (very old) elevator or the staircase. Go to the fourth floor where you see Cowork Lisboa, then get back to the end where the Silver Room and Coffee is waiting for you.

Walking inside LX Factory to Cowork Lisboa

The program starts at 09:30 with the developer intro's and you get a chance to pitch your idea to find team members. Please be on time, and join us from 09:00 AM onwards for a coffee at Cowork Lisboa already. You have 24 hours time available in Cowork Lisboa. 

3. Presentations of your apps at Friday 3 November - Montes Claros Lisbon Secret Spot - 14:00 - 17:30

You are welcome to present your app in Friday afternoon (only!) from 14:00 PM (be on time) in Montes Claros / Lisbon Secret Spot. If you don't have a full SteemFest conference we kindly ask you to go your own way after the awardshow. And then rejoin for the afterparty in Bar Suspenso (former Santiago do Alquimista - Rua de Santiago 19) in the Castello Area.

4. Important Instructions for project submissions:

We're using Devpost to showcase all your projects and support the judging.

You need to submit your app/hack/project before the deadline (Fri Nov 03, 2017 at 10:00am EDT) at this link:

  1. One person from each team will Enter a Submission (which is a button you'll see after you Register). Where it asks you to add your teammates' email addresses, make sure to use the same ones they used to create their Devpost accounts.
  2. Submit early and include as much information as you can, so you won't be rushed toward the end. And remember, you can keep updating your project until the deadline.

5. Let's stay connected... Join the Telegram group

Chat, find team-members, and ask around during the hackathon. Join the telegram group at 

6. Looking for team-mates? 

Let's hack together! You can use the Telegram group to connect, or the SteemFest Devpost website and announce that you are 'looking for team members'. In the morning you can also pitch your idea and announce your search for fellowship!

Allright, that's it, should you have any questions, please reply this email. See you tomorrow at 20:30 at Casa Independente for some pre-drinks!

On behalf of the SteemFest Team, 

kind regards,